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FileMaker Summer Camp 2024 

FileMaker Summer Camp will once again return to the hills of northern Georgia the week of October 7, 2024.

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Registration will open in May 2024. If you'd like us to notify you when registration opens, sign up here:

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Information on becoming a sponsor will be available later in 2024. 

  • Can I be a speaker?
    Yes, please! Like last year, we won’t be asking for you to submit a session for approval. Instead, we will open up slots for people to sign up to facilitate a session. We plan to post the schedule where you can sign up to lead small group sessions by mid-September. Ahead of that, let’s talk in Slack and see what topics are of interest, and where there are opportunities for collaboration. Some things you might want to try this year: Collaborate with someone on a jointly-facilitated session. Lead a conversation about a question whose answer you don’t know. Propose a session you know is specialized – unlike a big conference, sessions at Camp don’t have to be popular to be on the calendar. A 5-person session might be more valuable than a 50-person one! Let everyone know what you’d like to learn 🧑‍🏫 about – maybe it will inspire someone to lead a session.
  • Can I sponsor Pause?
    This year, we will offer limited promotional opportunities by offering themed items. Interested in hearing more? Send us an email and we'll chat!
  • Where is camp, exactly?
    Camp is hosted at: Ramah Darom Retreat Center 70 Darom Lane Clayton, GA 30525
  • When should I plan to arrive and depart?
    The first event of the conference is dinner on Tuesday evening. Events will wrap up mid-morning on Friday, and the venue provides a box lunch you can take on the road for your trip home. Check in is after 3pm on Tuesday, and the closing session on Friday will wrap up around 10:30am, so you may want to plan your departure around 11am.
  • Where can I find a roommate or a ride?
    Everyone who has registered will receive an invitation to the event-specific Slack space. This is a great place to collaborate and team up for rides and housing. If you're looking for pre-registration connections, there are community resources where you’re likely to find people who are attending Pause. Here are a few – if you know of more, please reach out to us so we can add to the list! Claris Community: WITfm:
  • How do I get to camp? Can I carpool from an airport?
    We hope that you will carpool and make epic roadtrip playlists to share with the group! Once you've purchased your ticket, we'll add you to the Summer Camp 2022 slack workspace. There, you can coordinate travel plans, jam sessions, and anything else you'd like to arrange ahead of time.
  • What about cars and accessibility?
    All of the recreational buildings are wheelchair/handicap accessible. Guests are asked not to use their vehicles to travel around campus. Guests may park only in approved parking locations. It is extremely important to only park in designated parking areas to ensure our maintenance and facilities team can access all areas of our campus. If you have difficulty walking, please contact a staff member to discuss accommodations. A limited number of parking passes are available for people who need to use their vehicles for mobility reasons.
  • Do doors lock? Are there lockers?
    As you may recall from summer camp when you were a kid, cabins do not have locking doors. Pause will be the only group on site, but you may want to consider leaving your valuables at home and/or bringing luggage that you can secure yourself. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee the security of any valuables you choose to bring with you.
  • Can you accommodate my food allergy?
    The kitchen staff at Ramah Darom is incredibly friendly and accommodating -- they almost certainly can accommodate your dietary needs. Please make sure to note it on your registration. If you forgot, send us an email! All food served by the venue is kosher.
  • Can I get a refund?
    Tickets for Pause Summer Camp are non-refundable, but they are transferable up until the registration close date, August 21. If you buy a ticket and then you’re unable to make it, we encourage you to see if you can find someone else to take your seat or your lodging. After registration closes, we may not be able to accommodate transfers. In the event of a catastrophe (think: global pandemic) we will do our best to provide refunds. However, any refunds will be limited by the fees charged to us by our payment processor and venue.
  • Can I register once for a whole group?
    No, everyone in a group needs to register individually. However, one attendee can purchase all accommodations for a group. If you're registering several people and would prefer to receive an invoice and pay once for your whole group, rather than having each person pay as they register, use coupon code INVOICE (all caps) on the checkout page for each registration and include a note of who to invoice and how many registrations we're expecting in the final "Anything else you'd like us to know?" question. Note that registration invoices that are not paid promptly are subject to cancellation.
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