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FileMaker Summer Camp 2022 
Additional Information

We think of "summer" as a feeling, not a season. This year, FileMaker Summer Camp returns to the hills of northern Georgia Monday, October 24 - Thursday, October 27, 2022.


Registration will open on Monday, May 9, 2022 at noon ET. 

Registration closes on Monday, September 12, 2022 at noon ET.


Tickets are $650 per person, which includes the conference, a tshirt, and all meals from dinner on Monday through a box lunch to go on Thursday. See below for accommodation prices.


How many people can attend? 

Excellent question! The short answer is: we don’t know. 


The long answer is: somewhere between 100-400. The limitation this year is accommodation, rather than registration. If people choose to share cabins, camp, or sleep offsite, we can accommodate more participants. If everyone wants to be onsite in a private space, we won’t be able to fit as many. 

What are my lodging options?

We are pleased to offer four on-site lodging options. The prices for each are listed below for the entire conference duration. This is not per night pricing. 

Additionally, participants are welcome to arrange their own accommodations. The city of Clayton, GA is about a 30-minute drive from camp, and has several hotels and vacation rental properties.


Pause lodging graphic

Large Cabin - $1200 per unit

A large cabin has three spaces – two small rooms, each with 2 twin beds, and a main room that contains 8 bunk beds. Each large cabin has two showers, toilets, and sinks; some have a large bathroom with stalls, and others have two private bathrooms. 

Small Cabin - $600 per unit

A small cabin has two spaces – a small room that contains 2 twin beds, and a main room that contains 4 bunk beds. Each small cabin has one private bathroom. 

Camping - $120 per person

Tent camping is also available. Tent campers have access to shared bathroom facilities. No utilities or hookups are available, and we cannot accommodate camper vans or RVs of any kind. Campers need to bring their own tent and supplies.

Hotel Room - $600 per unit

There are 57 hotel rooms on site, almost all of which have two double beds. All hotel rooms have a private bathroom. 


What about COVID?

PauseOnError Summer Camp 2022 will require all attendees to EITHER:

  • Be fully vaccinated for COVID-19 (received your final dose at least two weeks before the event’s start date) and upload proof of vaccination before the event.


  • Provide proof of a negative, EUA-approved, COVID-19 test taken on or after Saturday, October 22 to participate in the event. 

In addition:

  • Attendees must attest that they will comply with all safety requirements and that they understand the inherent risk associated with being in large groups of people.

  • Attendees must attest that they are currently asymptomatic throughout the conference.

  • Masking while indoors is welcomed but not required.

  • The conference venue and organizers will do everything feasible to hold large-group gatherings in well-ventilated or outdoor spaces. There will always be an option to take meals outdoors in a covered area.

  • We will provide lanyards based on your social distancing comfort level, and ask that you respect the lanyards worn by other participants.


Refund Policy

Tickets for Pause Summer Camp are non-refundable, but they are transferable. If you buy a ticket and then you’re unable to make it, we encourage you to see if you can find someone else to take your seat or your lodging.

Marshmallows over Campfire

Adam Aronson

Andrew Lecates

Ann Kiser

Becca Ingram-Bryant

Brandon Lowell

Calvin Mosiman

Chris Irvine

Dale Miller

Danny Stein

David Sullivan

Elizabeth Swenson

Garrett Debski

Greg Price

Jacob Taylor

Jason Young

John Newhoff

Jonn Howell

Leland Long

Marcus Swift

Marty Thomasson

Michael Layne

Mike Dixon

Nick Ciske

Reed Lyons

Ron Cates

Shawn Krueger

Thomas Mokwa

Vanessa Costanzo

Allen Poole

Andrew Sleeth

April Barman

Beth Latta

Bri Panhuyzen

Carina Lopez

Clay Maeckel

Dana Carlton

Darren LaPadula

Deborah Norton

Eric Morrison

Gianine Campbell

Heather McCue

Jacob Valeriano

Jeremy Brown

John Sarappo

Kate Lee

Lisette Wilson

Margs Carlton

Mervin Weber

Michael Megrath

Mike Lee

Nick Farnan

Richard Carlton

Rosalyn Martir

Steve Ritchie

Tim Cimbura

Will Mercer

Andrew Burns

Angelo Luchi

Austin Vongpanya

Bill McCue

Brian Ginn

Chiyoko Yoshida

Corey Fisher

Danielle Hieronimi

Dave Ramsey

Diane Nix-Long

Ernest Koe

Giovanna Harum-Alvarez

Heather Williams

Jake Allen

Jesus Madrigal

John Sindelar

Krissy Ferris

Lui de la Parra

Mark Baum

Michael Dabrowski

Michael Ross

Mike Wallace

Nick Hunter

Robbie Collins

Sara Severson

Tanner Ellen

Todd Geist

Andrew Kelzer

Anja Stojanovic

Barbara Cooney

Bob Bowers

Brian Ouimette

Chris Conger

Corn Walker

Danny Mack

David Nahodyl

Drew Fessenden

Gabriela Lisboa

Giuliano Iacobelli

JA Lamprecht

Jakov Milovanovic

Joe Ranne

Jonathan Nicoletti

Kristian Olsen

Marcia Conner

Martha Zink

Michael Gaslowitz

Michael Sloper

Nathan Allen

Paul Costanzo

Robert Holsey

Scott Schley

Taylor Sharpe

Todd Weller

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